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My Story 


I help organizations deliver on their purpose by:

  • Propelling organizations’ corporate responsibility efforts from philanthropy into their daily operations.

  • Developing and implementing innovative programs and partnerships that achieve sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes.

  • Measuring results that show impact on the world’s toughest challenges.

  • Strengthening trust through credible, transparent and compelling communications and engagement.

With more than 20 years working in the private sector, I have a unique mix of skills and experience in all corners of the globe.

Maggie Kohn, Founder 


Corporate Responsibility

Helped Merck formulate and embed its Access to Medicines strategy across the organization, propelling the company to the #2 spot on the second bi-annual Access to Medicines Index.


Public-Private Partnerships 

Led partnership between Merck and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation to address the ravages of the Zika crisis in Puerto Rico, learnings from which were published in the global journal The Lancet.


Public Policy & Advocacy 

Led Phase II of partnership with the European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Health to raise awareness of gaps in access to contraception among women in Europe.


Social Business 

Worked with local Merck subsidiary in Vietnam to pilot innovative social business approach to expand access to women’s health products together with social marketing organizations and factory owners.



Wrote speeches for a former Merck CEO, published a daily employee newsletter for a Fortune 100 company, and wrote award-winning brochures.


Social Business Impact

Led a six-year social business partnership with Merck and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that brought voluntary contraception to more than 25 million women in the world’s poorest countries.

woman in Ethiopia.jpg

Event Planning & Conference Support

Orchestrated celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of the MECTIZAN® Donation Program in Mali; planned and executed high-level keynote panels at the International Conference on Family Planning in Ethiopia and Indonesia; and supported the 8th Annual Biopharmaceutical Roundtable in the U.S.

BSRT_2019_Day 1_21.jpeg

Public Policy & Advocacy 

Lobbied and led successful engagement with Indonesian government and global health stakeholders to overcome local market access challenges that had prevented millions of women access to a critical reproductive health product.



Conducted Communications Audit and Plan for Child Advocacy Center serving the needs of New Jersey children. 

chidrens advocacy center.jpg


Worked with Beijing-based team to publish national corporate responsibility report that demonstrated company's local impact.



Led communication efforts for Merck’s flagship ACHAP (African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships) initiative, a country-led, public-private partnership between the Government of Botswana, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Merck. 


Human Rights

Worked with the Danish Institute for Human Rights to develop the Human Rights Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Companies.


Stakeholder Engagement

Led Merck’s annual dialogue with faith-based investors at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) for nearly 10 years, building trust and mutual respect resulting in withdrawal of shareholder resolutions and positive positioning of the company in ICCR publications.

logo ICCR.png

Measurement & Disclosure

Created key performance indicators for  annual corporate responsibility report, and created industry-leading disclosure practices around external financial payments and contributions to third parties.


Partnership Development

Together with the Safe Water Network, UNHABITAT, Merck and Coca-Cola, worked to increase awareness of the importance of clean water and hygiene in the state of Andhra Pradesh. 

safe water station launch w me.jpg

Non-Profit Support

Provided private sector insights to the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition to help  shape the membership organization’s program implementation.

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